Our Experience

With over 15 years experience working on Singapore company accounting and Singapore company incorporation and over 65 clients later, we started Acc.sg, a no-nonsense and affordable company to handle all incorporation, directorship, accounting, tax and reporting matters in Singapore so that you may focus on growing your core business. We are Singapore Accounting specialists, hence the name Acc.sg

Our Team

We started with 2 founding partners in 2017 and have grown to a staff strength of 4 in 3 years, working on a distributed basis to offer clients better value. Singaporean accountant Mr K.H. Lim has over 15 years in the industry as a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Secretary working in the finance department of corporates as well as SME accounting companies in Singapore.  Due to his good service record and value addition, past clients have followed and the company has since grown by word-of-mouth.

Why Us?

Our strong relationships over the years with many clients, partners, banks,investment professionals, and corporate or retail end customers have shown that we have not only done your books, but helped grow your business through strong referrals. Being a part of Acc.sg will give you access to this as well. We are open, transparent and are focused on getting you best set up. We believe that if you win, we win! So let's get started:

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